Prevent Repossession and Garnishments

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Lee’s Summit Bankruptcy Attorney Helps Clients Halt Repossession and Garnishment of Wages

Many American people think that filing for bankruptcy makes them a failure, or that it reflects poorly on their decision-making. But this is simply not true: filing for bankruptcy can give you back your peace of mind, ending harassment from creditors, ending worry about garnishments, foreclosure and repossession. When your bills have gone unpaid for months and you are barely getting by, hiring a Kansas and Missouri bankruptcy lawyer can be your best option. Contacting Kansas City, MO bankruptcy attorney Ronald L. Jurgeson can be your best bet for getting control of your finances. Don’t take it on alone: let Missouri repossession and garnishments attorney Ronald L. Jurgeson take the burden off your shoulders.


If you are behind on car payments, you could lose your car to the repossession process. If a buyer fails to make all of the payments in a timely manner, the creditor has the right to reclaim — repossess — the property. This can have dire circumstances to your life and livelihood if you, like most Americans, rely on your car to get to work or have a home being threatened with foreclosure. Bankruptcy is often your best solution. The moment Lee’s Summit, MO bankruptcy attorney Jurgeson helps you file, you are granted an automatic stay, which temporarily stops creditors from repossessing any of your property, giving you time to come up with a solution that will satisfy your debt problems.


Getting a court to order a wage garnishment requires banks and creditors to file a formal lawsuit against the consumer. After proving that the borrower isn’t current on payments but that they receive an income, the consumer’s checks are suddenly garnished, or reduced in order for the banks and creditors to get back their money.

But with the help of Kansas City, Mo debt relief attorney Jurgeson, you can file for bankruptcy, which will immediately stop the garnishment of your wages. As soon as bankruptcy is filed, creditors are no longer allowed to contact the consumer directly or take their money, allowing you time to reorganize your financial life and to unload your debt.

Experienced Debt Relief and Bankruptcy Lawyer

There is a lot of information that one must know before filing for either Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy. For help getting back on track financially, contact Kansas and Missouri debt relief attorney Ronald L. Jurgeson at his Lee’s Summit office today at 816-554-6968. Give yourself peace of mind: call today.